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Telephone Etiquette to Build Customer Loyalty

I recently called a hotel to make some inquiries about their facilities. The manner in which the person answered the phone was enough to leave me with a negative feeling about that specific hotel itself. It’s such personal experiences that make me wish that people in the service industry understood the importance of telephone etiquette…Read More



OPINION PIECE by Helen Nicholson of “The Networking Company” According to the IDC 2018 Digital Transformation Predictions report, spending on digital transformation will reach an impressive $1.7 trillion globally.   The fact that this figure represents a 42% increase from 2017 demonstrates the importance of staying on top of disruption for organisations around the world. When it…Read More

Caught in the Act - Serina Sithole

Caught in the Act: Serina Sithole

Introducing “Caught in the Act” – What exactly is this all about? Well, as someone who loves facilitating training and coaching individuals and teams on providing excellent service, I naturally believe in giving credit where due. I was recently in awe of service I received from a particular person and that’s what inspired me to…Read More

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Why NGAGE Training?

By way of introduction, I am Nicola Subben, founder of Ngage Training. In case you’re wondering, “Ngage” is pronounced as “ENGAGE” – the word it was inspired from and also because my first name begins with the letter “N”. I have always wanted to do something which I am passionate about, but where I could…Read More

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My Favorite Simon Sinek Leadership Quotes

Simon Sinek is an optimist. He educates leaders and organisations on how to inspire people. He is an author and a motivational speaker. I admire his outlook and approach toward inspirational leadership and for that reason I want to share my favourite Simon Sinek Leadership quotes with you, with my take on each. I will…Read More

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What do Customers Want

With just 20 years of working experience in Human Resources, but specializing in Training & Development for approximately 17 of those years, I have had the privilege of working for and with a variety of companies, across different industries and from Junior to Executive levels. So I’m comfortable to say I have a very good idea…Read More