Telephone Etiquette to Build Customer Loyalty

Telephone Etiquette to Build Customer Loyalty

I recently called a hotel to make some inquiries about their facilities. The manner in which the person answered the phone was enough to leave me with a negative feeling about that specific hotel itself. It’s such personal experiences that make me wish that people in the service industry understood the importance of telephone etiquette to build customer loyalty. Let me elaborate further…

…let me rather make a list of what made me feel negative about the interaction I experienced with her, which has made left me with an impression about that specific hotel sadly so. I usually am a patient person and I understand that people have “down” days and taking that into consideration, I called back the next day.  However, her telephone mannerism wasn’t any different and my first impression had progressed to a lasting impression.  I am in no way saying that if you have a bad day, that you should take it out on your customers or potential customers.

What created my negative impression

  • She did not pronounce the name of the hotel clearly, I had to ask where I got through to
  • She spoke unclearly and at a pace that didn’t make it easy to understand
  • I didn’t “hear” her smile – her tone did not demonstrate a willingness to assist
  • She didn’t make me feel valued – her attitude in her responses made me feel as if she wanted to get rid of me on the phone or had another call waiting or was rushing to have a break – I’m not sure what, but she came across very distracted
  • She transferred me to two different people who were not available and resulted in me in calling back, which seemed to have annoyed her

This is not the first time I have received such service and it is not just disappointing but also concerning that so many frontline employees leave potential or existing customers with such a negative impression, not just of themselves but of the company they represent.

Telephone Etiquette First Impressions- Ngage Training

There are also many companies who do not see the value in the development of their employees and this is rather sad as an investment in an employee’s development is one of the key reasons employees will remain loyal to their company.

Whilst we may sometimes assume that the service provider is rude, even if we are correct in such an assumption, it isn’t always obvious to the service provider. Sometimes, without training, coaching and development, they are totally oblivious to their behaviour and the implications thereof.

When was the last time you received or gave feedback to those in your company who provide a service to others? Ngage Training can help you with this, from on-the-job observations to mentoring, coaching and development. The goal is to grow individuals and teams and to empower them to engage in a manner that boosts their morale, which will allow them to provide extraordinary service.

Have a look at the various courses offered and feel free to share and use the following infographic to improve telephone etiquette within your company.

Telephone Etiquette Tips - Ngage Training


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