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Do you want to start your own blog, personal or business? Or perhaps you have already started a blog but need some help in understanding the basics? This course is designed to help you unpack the basic blogging methodology at the stage of setting up a blog.  It is also aimed at helping you set blogging goals and to monitor progress against set targets.  Click here to read more and view the course outline.

Employee Engagement correlates positively with customer satisfaction, increased productivity & employee morale. An engaged workforce feels a sense of belonging and strives to exceed customer expectations. When an employee feels that certain “bond” to the company, they will go the extra mile and act as brand ambassadors of that company.

When a company attempts to enhance the engagement level of their employees, they ultimately are working toward improving customer service levels.

This 2 Day Programme will provide leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools on how to Enhance Engagement for Performance.

Click here to download the full Course Outline for more details.

Customer Service is no longer about merely satisfying customer needs, but about going the extra mile to create delighted customers, by exceeding expectations.

This 2-day interactive and exciting programme, uses unsurpassed training methodology to ensure that delegates understand the importance of projecting a professional image to customers and distinguishing their organisation/department from the rest. It focuses on both internal customers and external customers, both in the Public and Private Sectors.

Contextual to our diverse South Africa, it targets cultural differences in a systematic manner, embracing diversity and providing delegates with the skills required to address these differences.

Click here to download the full Course Outline for more details.

You could have best looking beauty salon or hotel, but if your staff are not customer focused, they can potentially drive customers away from your business.

This highly interactive 1 day programme outlines the basic principles for delivering service which is not only effective, but exceeds customer expectations.

Delegates are deliberately exposed to thought provoking examples, which emphasise the need for understanding customers and their differences and how it will add value to them and to the business, to make their customers feel valued.

This course aims to transform mindsets, so that delegates are motivated and inspired to treat the business as their own, highlighting personal benefits. It ignites passion and purpose through effective engagement.

Click here to download the full Course Outline.

Research indicates that it takes a few seconds for a customer to judge a business, based on the manner in which service is received. Reception & Telephone Etiquette is therefore important in any business who wishes to communicate the customers’ value.

The manner in which a receptionist receives a potential or existing customer, can be the determining factor as to whether that customer would like to engage further with the business or not.

Unfortunately, not everyone are born with these skills but they can be achieved through the correct training. This 1 day programme highlights the critical steps involved in making a customer feel valued, not just be creating positive first impressions but more importantly how to make them lasting impressions. It also allows delegates to be aware of any irritators that could hinder the delivery of professional service.

Click here to download the full Course Outline.

In our “Rainbow Nation” as sometimes affectionately referred to, South Africa is rich with diverse culture. This cultural diversity can be seen in many companies where individuals who are proud of their heritage, come together and are expected to work in harmony with each other.

However, a lack of understanding of what makes each different, often results in non-productive behaviours. Stereotyping and assumptions indicate a lack of respect for each other’s culture.  

Diversity is not just about the different race groups or gender, there are so many other differences that make each individual unique. Understanding and embracing these differences will positively influence the workplace culture.

This thought provoking 1 day programme will allow delegates to be aware of their personal barriers in dealing with diversity and provide them with the tools on how to deal with and embrace diversity effectively.

Click here to download the full Course Outline.

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One of the main reasons an employee leaves a company, is due to a lack of growth opportunities.  This is often the result of a poor or non existent development plan.

Allow Ngage Training to help you implement a talent management and succession planning solution, which will create a sense of purpose and direction for employees and this will contribute to retention, among other benefits.

Ngage Training will listen to live calls or recordings in a Call Centre/Service Desk environment to assess and coach the quality of the calls in line with Service Level Agreements, basic customer service etiquette and other organisational requirements.  Feedback will be provided through a verbal coaching session as well as a detailed report. Follow up sessions will be done to monitor progress against agreed action plans.

For individuals who are experiencing challenges in achieving their goals, Ngage Training will engage with the individual and the leader and coach for performance improvement. 

Various problem solving and coaching methodology will be used to eliminate barriers which prohibit the individual from achieving goals.

Ngage Training will also assess and coach in house facilitators to ensure the relevant principles are being practiced, to promote engagement.

At Ngage Training, we understand that every business is unique and all existing programmes may be customised so that it adds more value to your business.

How are you recognising performance that goes beyond expectations? Do your employees and teams feel appreciated?  Is there a system in place to address the consequences of non-performance?

Employees want to feel appreciated. They want to know about their performance.  They want and need that engagement and without it, performance will be negatively affected.

Don’t have a Performance Management system in place?

Don’t despair, allow Ngage Training to help you set one up to implement.

Have your own material but not a facilitator? Let’s chat and see if it is something that resonates with me and if so, I’ll be happy to facilitate your content.

If not, I will let you know the reasons why.

Don’t have an Induction Progamme or other company specific training material?

Have content but want to make it look visually appealing on MS Word or MS PowerPoint?

Give Ngage Training a call to have your material developed professionally and as creatively as your brand will allow.

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